Chapter 1/ Walton on the Naze!

Walton on the Naze is on the coast. Its about 8 miles south from the port of Harwich. It’s a small English town containing a pier and a sandy beach. The Naze is 1.5 miles away from the pier. Walton on the Naze is a traditional English holiday resort that is found on the Tendring Peninsula by the north sea about 85 miles north east of London.

Some of the problems we will be investigating in Walton on the Naze will be, Erosion, Sea defences, Naze protection, the high street, tourism and a conclusion.

Chapter 2/ Erosion

50 million years ago the shore line was 100 miles away. What is now the Naze, was deep under water. You can still see the ancient sea bed. it’s a muddy grey colour and its called London clay. Fossils of birds and fish are found in it.

3 million years ago the became a lot warmer. The sea was receding from Essex leaving behind Red crag.

The red crag sits on top of the London clay. When it rains the rain water falls down and rests in between the red crag and the London clay. When it rains again it pushes the other rain water out to make room for more water. This makes the red crag slip and slide on top of the London clay. Until it eventually slips of the London clay and into the sea. This is the erosion.

This is a quick process because all it needs is a bit on rain until its slippery and then it could fall at any time. It still takes about 2 metres per year to erode but it’s the quickest way of erosion.

This is a picture of erosion during winter.

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