Want to buy a hydraulic oil press for a oil mill, but don't know how to run again, need to prepare

Want to buy a hydraulic oil press for a oil mill, but don't know how to run again, need to prepare

First of all, there are a lot of friends can see squeezed the market prospect is very good, but want to buy a hydraulic oil press oneself do a oil mill, before and no squeeze
palm oil processing plant

Oil, don't know what I need to prepare, hydraulic oil press to buy back again after don't know how to run, forrest here today factory planning department via the market

And you say, the business model.
First site issues:
1. Have their own appearance room, appearance does not need too big about 20 square meters.
2. The question of funds, except the equipment purchase, liquidity needs 2000 yuan.
3, the production operation personnel needs two people.
Again, the mode of operation:
1.Freshly squeezed goin to have to buy all kinds of oil crops, customers in you here to buy seeds and oil free, but you this cake to stay

In the water.So you can make money on seed, cake also is pretty good profits.
2, processing customers with has two crops to oil, processing fee, such as peanuts, can make a peanut sheller, free shell peanuts, peanuts

Steam pipe
, leave joke joke made fake cake sold.
Dry oil mill proper: for it is freshly squeezed to sell now, in the process of oil, consumers in the side, he also witnessed all the process of oil, asked

Clear pure oil thick aroma, look at the pure oil, this will let the consumer in the mind at ease, eat the stomach after peace of mind, since to oil consumers

Is to want to eat fresh, pure cooking oil, if you can let the consumer recognition, then fixed customers will come more more, watch the timing and grasp

Machine, take the lead in a local office oil mill, can retail, can squeeze goin, wholesale, hotel supplies, the supermarket supply, processing, must be open a

, a hot, and the oil industry, suitable for all kinds of people, no matter you are laid-off workers, prepare poineering youth, family unemployed women, have already retired

Workers can have set up a belongs to own oil mill.

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