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Glossary of Terms

as used in Planning, Quality and Review at USQ

Concepts are listed alphabetically. References are included as endnotes.


Academic Practices: USQ has very succinct definitions in relation to its academic activities, as set out in Academic Regulations, 5.1 Definitions of The University Calendar. http://www.usq.edu.au/SECARIAT/calendar/Part5/2002%20Regs%20from%20Handbook/5-1.pdf

Academic Program: At USQ the term ‘Academic Program’ is used to describe the study requirements which are necessary to be completed successfully in order to receive an academic qualification. (In some other universities this is referred to as a ‘course’). For the formal definition of ‘Academic Program’ at USQ consult: http://www.usq.edu.au/SECARIAT/calendar/Part5/2002%20Regs%20from%20Handbook/5-1.pdf

Access and Equity: means the policies and approaches that ensure that education is responsive to the diverse needs of all students. Through the implementation of these policies and approaches, the benefits of participating in education are available to everyone on an equitable basis, including student groups that have been identified as disadvantaged groups in the higher education context: indigenous peoples, the socioeconomically disadvantaged, people from regional areas, people with disabilities, people from non-English speaking backgrounds and women in non-traditional areas of study.[i] (See ‘Disadvantage’.)

Accountability: the obligation to report on the exercise of responsibilities conferred on managers for the expenditure of public funds and implementation of mandated activities.[ii] (See also ‘Transparency’.)

ACE: There are four major sectors in the education and training continuum in Australia, namely school (that is primary and secondary schooling, and including post compulsory (senior) schooling), the vocational education and training (VET) sector (which includes the publicly funded TAFE system), the higher education (that is...