A Showoff

People who tend to show everything they have all the time is considered a Showoff. A

constant need of others around one’s self. Depending on others to be near all the time to wait on

one’s needs .Showoffs constantly want to be seen by others. A showoff is a person who always

needs to show what they accomplished, a person who always wants to be the center of attention,

Being a showoff, a person wants to consistently tell or remind an individual of their

accomplishments. Showoffs do this because showoffs want to be better than any other individual

around them. Showoffs like to be praised and looked up to by others. Feeling good about oneself

can be a natural high a showoff gets from other people. An individual who craves attention such

as a showoff tries to continuously be the center of attention.

Being the center of attention for a showoff is their comfort zone. Knowing that one will

never be alone. An individual who turns into a showoff tend to act out this way because of the

loss of affection, traumatization, or abuse at home. Although an individual can also grow up in a

very flashy lifestyle at an early stage in life. Showing off can be one’s only way of not feeling

alone. The constant need of company can feel one’s loneness. For a flashy individual showing

off is the only way to get attention and bring others into their company.

The constant need of company for a show off is so they can fit in with the rest of society

and not feel like an outcast. A showoff’s biggest fear is being an outcast to the rest of society. To

keep one’s fear form coming true one must always attract attention and have the latest thing for

society to look at. The difference from a showoff a regular individual are the contestant needs

one needs to be satisfied in life. Most showoffs tend to have a narcissistic personalities which

lead to various amounts of bad personal skills, which is why one...

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