Warren Bronson Shares His Values

Warren Bronson Shares His Values

My values have always been to keep it real by staying true to one's self and people around me. I also practice eye for an eye: tooth for a tooth, and has always been a respecter of my elders.

Ever since the day I was born I was brought up in church. I was taught the golden rule and was also taught to love my neighbor as my-self. I haven't seen the passions and believe you shouldn't have to go to the theaters to reverence the Lord. Now does it make people appreciate the gospel yes, but it shouldn't I was always taught that we should walk like Christ those were the values that were instilled.

Even though I probably put those bible instilled values to the side since I left my place of comfort that was in fact how I was raised. I have always been a born leader and dance to my own drum I never followed the leader as a kid I was the front man of it all. Not saying I was popular; because, I wasn't but if you needed a friend I was always taught to listen and only god can judge. Who am I to tell you your wrong: your this: your that, you need the Lord I'm no one just a vessel of clay that was molded, and breathed into by an extremely powerful being.

Even though I was taught that I was called out and separated from every one in the world I have always been on that was taught humility being humble is a very important value to me; because, the bible always spoke against pride that is a very important part of my character and one of my most important values. One value that I have to me that is very important is to always take care of your family your lady, and your self by doing this your family will also take care of you and your lady will always be happy and you'll go to bed with a full stomach. Values also instilled in me was to never gamble because there's always a person that's more sly than you and more than likely you'll be out schemed by a pro. How we would all like to be in George Cloony's shoes if Oceans 11 were real, but in...

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