Warren Dennis

Warren Dennis

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The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management: Warren Bennis


Warren Gameliel Bennis is one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and leadership. People characterize him as a warm, intelligent, literate and pleasant man. Bennes was born in New York City on eight March 1925. At the present moment he is Professor of Bussiness Administration at the University of Southern California. He is also the chairman of the board of directors at the Harvard University.

A brief biography. Till the age of 42, Bennis worked for MIT and from 1971 till 1977 he was President of the University of Cincinnati. In this period he served several faculties from several universities. He has been an adviser to four presidents of the United States including Kennedy and Reagan. And this impressive curriculum isn’t still finished. You see, he is the founder of the University of Southern California where he is the president these days. And if that isn’t enough, he had also written 27 books on the topic of leadership and he lectured on this subject all over the world. His write his books in a readable style. In his books he thinks that all kind of people are important, a baseball coach has as much to contribute as the manager of General Electric.
Bennis describes himself as a fox, who knows many small things. But he has admiration for the hedgehogs in this world who knows one big thing very good.
Warren Dennis views on business and management

According Warren Bennis, the real challenge of the future society is to use the talents and skills of everyone in some way that could benefit us all.
That challenge is the task of leadership.

In 1985 he wrote in cooperation with Bart Nanus the book “Leaders”. Before he started the interviewing for the book, he analyses the difference between a leader and a manager. In his opinion, leaders are people who do the right thing, they make the right choice. Managers, on the other hand, are people who do things right,...

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