Was the US justified in dropping the atomic bomb

Was the US justified in dropping the atomic bomb

Amendment: 4th
Court type: Supreme Court, Justice Burger

Facts about the case:
This case took place in the Supreme Court. Harvey Jackson, wore a radio transmitter and talked in four conversations with defendant White at three places. Those locations are Jackson's house, a restaurant, and Jackson's car. Government agents listened to the radio transmissions overhearing defendant White make self-incriminating remarks in his involvement in multiple narcotics transactions. Jackson could not come during the trial, so the prosecution offered the testimony of the agents as evidence.

Issue of question: Does the 4th Amendment bar from evidence the testimony of government agents relating certain conversations that occurred between a defendant and an undercover government informant, which the agents overheard while monitoring the frequency of a radio transmitter concealed on the body of that informant?

Holding,Ruling, Decision:
The United states won with 5 votes and 4 votes against so it was close. The courts ruling stands at no. The fourth amendment does not prevent the agents evidence so they can use these agents for there evidence.

This is important because it allows government officials and Police officers to better charge criminals for their actions. They are able to use there evidence to put more of a charge on the criminal.

Do you agree or disagree with the decision? Why or why not?
Yes I completely agree with the courts decisions because this will make it easy to put criminals in jail for a long time. Plus, going back to the importance it able’s the police officers to use their evidence to charge more on the criminals which is necessary.

Amendment: 6th
Court type: Supreme Court, Burger Court
Facts about the case:
In the state of Florida in 1967, they passed legislation to allow six members in juries for criminal cases. Johnny Williams...

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