waste engine oil refining technology

waste engine oil refining technology

Engine oil extensive use, the most of used oil is out welled in situ dump or burned, which wastes a lot of resources and caused serious environmental pollution. Used oil recycling technology can play a more important role, mainly complete sets of used oil refining equipment.

Our company after years of research, successfully developed the leading technology of waste oil refining for diesel oil, completely solve the traditional waste engine oil refining for diesel oil is black, high viscosity,
high density, easy oxidation, stink, main indicators far disadvantages, such as its prominent advantages are the following:
1, the whole device is small in size, high output, easy operation, continuous production;
2, the process is under the low temperature atmospheric pressure, high safety coefficient, the oil color light (yellow), low viscosity, low sulfur content;
3, efficient waste gas recovery system. In the process of refining, will produce a lot of no-liquefied gases, these gases through two safety devices water seal and gas nozzle fully burning,
which eliminates the waste gas pollution, and save a lot of fuel.
4, burner adopts advanced burning technology, the production process is running in a smoke-free environment, environmental protection effect is good, the flue outlet reach the international emission standard.
5, unique explosion-proof safety device, can let you have no trouble back at home.
6, low energy consumption, high efficiency, high oil distillation yield, safe environmental protection, design a variety of slag system.

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