Watching Violence on Television

Watching Violence on Television

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Watching violence on television encourages young people to act the same way. What is your view?
Many people say that the youth of today are as violent as they are because of what they watch on the television, but is that really the reason?

The first six to eight years of a child’s life are the most important for forming his or her mind. If he or she is exposed to violence on the television during those early years it is more likely to be a violent adolescent. As there are so many violent programs and movies on T.V. today, young people think it’s the right or ‘cool’ thing to be violent.
More and more parents are starting to use the television as a babysitter for their kids and they don’t control or even know of what their children watch when they aren’t there. Therefore the children are free to watch whatever they want to, which in most cases, is something with a lot of fighting or people shooting each other. This results in the children becoming violent and lashing out.
When young kids watch movies like Superman or Spiderman or The Hulk they are taught that it’s okay to hit someone if you are the ‘good guy’ trying to stop the ‘bad guy’. Children then want to be like these superheroes and start fighting with other children.

But is it only the television that encourages people to act violently?
A lot of children who come from homes where there is not enough money to afford a television also turn out to be violent because of their circumstances. Children who have been abused in one form or another often know no other way and therefore they do to others what was done to them.
Children are also known to imitate the actions of their parents and it is often found that a child who grew up in a house filled with violence will in one way or another lash out towards others violently.
If you were brought up in a home where you were taught how to solve conflict in a non-violent way the chances are less that you will turn out to be violent when you are older....

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