Water Is Food and Fire Is the Eater of the Food

Water Is Food and Fire Is the Eater of the Food

* Water is food and fire is the eater of the food.
Fire is established in water and
Water is established in fire -Taittiriya Upanishad 3.8
* Never make the same mistake twice! Because, there are so many new mistakes to do! Enjoy every moment!
* Every single problem that you face in ur life is the seed of opportunity for some greater benefits. Don’t leave ur confidence at any situation.
* Hard work is like a cup of milk, luck is just like a spoon of sugar. God always give sugar to those who have cup of milk!
* The person who loves u more will fight with u more. But when you drop a tear they will fight the world to stop your tears. Trust them.
* Worries are like birds, let them fly lover you. But don’t make them build a nest on your head. - Martin Luther king
* Listen to everyone and learn from everyone. Because nobody knows everything but everyone knows something.
* A simple way for happy living: Forget two things in life: The good you do for others: The bad done by others to you.
* Don’t cry for anybody. Because no one is fit for your tears. The one who is fit for ur tears will not allow you to cry.
* Life is XXX: Yesterday is experience, today is experiment, and tomorrow is expectation. So use ur experience in ur experiment to achieve ur expectation.
* Don’t hurt ur enemy by words and don’t hurt ur dear ones by ur silence.
* Tomorrow will come daily but today will come today only so finish ur today’s work today and be free tomorrow.
* Three things in life once gone never come back
1. Words
2. Opportunity
3. Time

* Three things in life are never sure
1. Dreams
2. Success
3. Luck

* Three things in life that make u a great person
1. Hardwork
2. Sincerity
3. Success

* Three things in life are most valuable
1. Friends
2. Self respect
3. Love

* Three things in life that must not be lost
1. Peace
2. Hope
3. Honesty

* Three...

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