Water Nationalization

Water Nationalization

Every State has Dispute in sharing water resources with its Neighbouring state.
Water is the most important and critical among the
common property resources. Water is also the most
important for human sustenance. Therefore this
seminar emphasizes that water resources should not be privatize

some parts of India are flooded with Rain, they dont have place to live till the flooded rain water gets drained, in some other parts people are longing to get water for irrigation and their basic needs.

We can stop all these if we Nationalize all water resources in India. But this is still under consideration from Government side, But no steps have been taken to implement this.

As per my Knowledge the problems in implementing this think are,

* At present Water Resources in India are under the control of respective state government, to nationalise all water resources all state governments must accept it.

* Detailed well planned architecture have to be prepared to connect all rivers without any city gets affected.

* Lakhs and lakhs of Acres of Land will be needed to connect all rivers, this must be taken care by the respective state government.

• In fact, it is the opinion of international bodies like the United Nations that when a river flows through more than one country, the water belongs to all riparian countries and shall be shared equitably.

• Privatization of water, not only increases
commercial transactions in water, but also opens up
the floodgate for the inflow of foreign capital, there
by dictating terms for our own water. Therefore this
seminar is against handing over of our water resources
to private companies.

The main purpose of National utilization of water resources is uniform, proper and judicious use of this resource at every place, in order to avoid confrontation between the states, Nationalization should be done, but on the other hand it is also necessary that it should solve the...

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