Water Pollution - Essay 9

Water Pollution - Essay 9

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Water pollution is a global problem; the different types of pollutants vary from one area to another. Water pollution is the contamination of water by foreign matter such as chemicals, industrial and other wastes, or sewage. Pollution breaks down the quality of the world’s water by altering the characteristics of water.

The main sources of water pollution are divided into two groups’ point source pollution and non-point source pollution. Point source pollution is defined as pollution introduced to the environment from pipes, sewers, or ditches from factories or sewage treatment plants. Non-point source pollution comes from agricultural runoff, mining wastes, construction, soil erosion, and manmade products.

The only way to alleviate the world dilemma of water pollution is a worldwide aggressive action plan to halt the introduction of water pollutants. In order to sustain an equilibrium with our oceans legislation must be formed to enforce all industry and sewage be clean and not dump hazardous waste into the water. There are already laws in place to protect the water but there are loopholes in the current laws.

The first step of the process is very strict rules and regulations about point source pollution. In order to stop the pollution of water the factories and industries must stop the introduction of waste to the water. With today’s technology these producers of pollutants can engineer better ways of eliminating there byproducts.

The second step of the process is a reduction of non-point source pollution. The pollution caused by agriculture, mining wastes, construction, and many man-made products. If products can not be eliminated then they do not need to be produced. With today’s technology many if not all products can be produced cleanly. The cost of producing products that do not cause harmful waste might be more but the health of our worlds water supply is worth the cost.

The third step of the process is the cleanup of the world’s water;...

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