Water Resource Plan 24

Water Resource Plan 24


Water Resource Plan
Susan Petruzzi
Axia College

Water Resource Plan

The video, Declining Fish Stock VLR, showed opposing views from a fisherman and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. The concern of both parties is the decline of large fish in the ocean, caused by over-fishing. This concern originated from past centuries of harvesting fish and at times needless fishing to rake in more money, which results in waste. This is the way of life for most fishermen. Mass fishing has been going on probably ever since humans were able to step foot into the ocean. It has just become more apparent as technology is now able to aid us in studies. With the world’s population growing by the thousands every day, there is a need to harvest more fish, mainly the larger fish. There may be a way to deal with this situation that we created for ourselves.
Since humans need food to survive, we cannot stop fishing altogether. We may not be able to prevent over fishing, however, we can identify the cause for overfishing, and come up with a solution for this problem. If we do not, we run the risk of wiping out popular groups of fish, such as swordfish or tuna. Below is a table outlining a sustainment plan from which both sides will benefit.
|Action Items |Action Steps |Timeline |
|(in the correct order) | | |
|Research and identify the causes of |Review environmental Web sites and journals. |Month 1-3 |
|depleting the ocean of large fish. |Document the sources of overfishing, and the market the fish are sold to.| |
| | | |

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