Water Well Drilling Rig includes Four Parts

Water Well Drilling Rig includes Four Parts

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Water well drilling rig is the equipment that drills well small concrete batching plant, completes the well tube, washes well, etc. It includes power equipment, drill bit portable cement mixer, drill pipe, tube, drill, etc. Organizations have the following parts.

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The hydraulic oil pump: it is duplex type twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, big displacement pump provides power for power head, and small displacement pump provides power for four support oil cylinder, cylinder and mast, strength/block cylinder. Four legs: water well drilling rig is composed of hydraulic oil cylinder and a fixed frame. It can adjust the levelness of the body at the scene of the work, which has the effect of supporting and stabilizing the body.

Mast: it is the giant steel tube, channel steel and angle steel welded frame structure and powered by both sides of the channel steel inner tank under the head’s orbit, to ensure the borehole verticality. Drilling mast’s rise is performed by hydraulic cylinder. Power head: adopt gear reducer, there is a big hole of spindle in the low speed shaft middle, and the spindle can be connected to the hose interface of concrete filling equipment to perfuse concrete; the core shaft down mouth connects drill pipe and drill bit through flange.

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