Water Well Drilling Rig Selection of Lubricating Oil

Water Well Drilling Rig Selection of Lubricating Oil

It is very important to select lubricant of water well drilling rig. Choosing well of lubricant not only can make full use of the lubricating oil block making machines, but also can effectively reduce the abrasion of water well drilling rig’s parts to reach the effect that extend the service life of water well drilling rig and enhance the efficiency of the production. But in actual production, the operators are easy to confuse summer and winter lubricant or even just use a kind of lubricating oil all the year round. Daswell technical stuff will explain the different uses of lubricating oil below.

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In the operation process of water well drilling rig, the use of lubricating oil is indispensable. And what we need to pay special attention to is the winter and summer need to use different lubricating oils. In winter, due to the low temperature, so oil has low viscosity. When the host starts, it should slowly circulate for 10 min batch plant mini mobile batching plant, and then start the normal drilling. In summer, the temperature is higher, and we need to adopt lubricating oil with high viscosity. If the oil temperature is too high, it can make the gear bearing’s cooling is not enough, which will cause large gear bearing wear, and shorten top drive’s service life. When reducer oil temperature alarms, we should stop operating immediately, let the top drive runs in the condition of low no-load for10-15 min, until lubricating oil temperature drops to normal range, we can continue the operation. Reducer oil level should be inspected regularly.

If the oil level is too low, it can make the pump oil absorption is...

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