Watergate Scandal

Watergate Scandal

How do you account for the Watergate scandal? What was the significance?

On June 17, 1972 a group of five men were caught attempting to break into the headquarters of the Democtraic National Committee (DNC) with wiretapping equipment. Up until this incident unfolded many citizens had no idea just how ugly a political campaign could be, especially when dealing with the higher positions of the House, Senate, and President. Known as the Watergate Scandal, it was a real eye opener for the American public.

The headquarters for the National Democratic Committee was in the Watergate Hotel complex, hence the name of the scandal. Of the five men that were caught it was quickly learned that 4 of them had connections to or had worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. The fifth member was a locksmith who was recruited to help unlock doors. With so much involvement with America’s premier intelligence agency, it didn’t take long for fingers to start pointing back to the White House.

President Nixon, at first denied any and all involvement in “this very bizarre incident.” With the upcoming presidential election, he kept a tight lid on the entire incident. Shortly after the election, which Nixon won, one of the burglars began to talk. He worked for the Nixon administration in his Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP). This burglar not only worked for Mr. Nixon, but was his security chief at CREEP. With one of the burglars talking, fingers began to get pointed in all directions and soon the Assistant Secretary of Commerce Jeb Magruder, former attorney general John Mitchell and a member of Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean were all implicated. Eventually, a couple reporters with the Washington Post uncovered illegal slush funds and linked them back to members of Nixon’s administration. It was also learned that President Nixon had been secretly, and illegally, recording phone conversations coming into and out of the White House.
This incident brought to...

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