Way of Fixing Grate and Lining Board of Crusher Machine

Way of Fixing Grate and Lining Board of Crusher Machine

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Crusher machine work conditions, continuing scour and great work load, therefore, a lot of parts subjected to the possibility of damage is very large, if use undeserved maintenance, the possibility of failure. Hammer type crusher in cement plant is used for broken or finely medium hardness materials. At work, in general, hammer crusher can smooth running, according to the normal wear and tear of repair. If material is mixed with high hardness metal piece, can appear accidental damage, serious when damage to the main shaft, bearing, etc. Hammer crusher machine wearing parts are: hammer, hammer, grate, plate, etc. And do you know how to repair them?

3, grate repair

Hammer type crusher in the grate, due to the impact of the material and friction, the wear is relatively fast, some even bend and break, the wear of grate can welding repair, repair, pay attention to the size of the gap between grate. Crack of grate can welding repair, repair, should pay attention to when the weld surface is flat and level.Bending and fracture of the grate, general should change new grate.

4, lining repair

Lining board of hammer crusher machine is more than high manganese steel material is qualitative, liner wear can also be used welding method to repair. Article in order to save precious manganese steel surfacing, can use first steel electrode surfacing layer, then use manganese steel welding electrode welding surface. When the wear layer is thinner, can be directly evenly manganese steel surfacing electrode. To save surfacing electrode and save time, can be on the plate discontinuous welding into strips and mesh, but the gap clearance don't too close and too thin, too close to save is limited, too thin not repair function.

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