Way of Sword Sword Letter to Author

Way of Sword Sword Letter to Author

Dear Chris Bradford,

I loved your book "Young Samurai-The Way of The Sword"Anyway. I especially love the cover. By the way, who's on the other side of Jack? Anyway, the big picture on the cover, is that Dragon Eye? Well, I just love your books and I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out. Well, I guess I'll just have to stop reading your books for a while. I just went to Barnes and Nobles looking for your next book. Then I found out it doesn't come out for another year.

I was wondering? Where did you start learning about the samurai stuff? Your books are amazing. It was all very interesting. How can I get information about the next book? Is there a website or something where I can get a peek at it? Well, I just want to walk inside your mind to see where it all comes from. Any other things to tell me would be great.

I've been talking about your this book with my mom. She said its fascinating. Something we both want to know is if Akiko and Jack are in love. We really want to know. One other thing too, is Akiko still alive? I wonder. Well, I guess I'll find out in your next book…. "Young Samurai-The Way of The Dragon". I bet it will be great.

I've read lots of books like yours. "The Last Olympian" is one of my favorites. The author is Rick Riordan. He's got some really cool books, like you. A book I really want to read thats from him is the "Red Pyramid". Don't get me wrong though, I like your books more. Anyway, it was fun writing to you but I got to get back to reading.

Ryan Jackson Ramirez

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