Ways of Establishing Ground Rules for Your Learners

Ways of Establishing Ground Rules for Your Learners

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behaviour and respect for others.
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To establish ground rules I would suggest them around the benefits of the learner. Rules need to be made with the learners and compromised but then followed up with continuity. Establishing these rules early on should reduce disruption of learning, thus showing management and control of learners.

On the topic ground rules for the class Atherton J S (2009) states that ‘ a big deal is not made out of them. To do so sends a message that you are anxious about the issue and that implies that you can not manage the class.’

Learners should believe the rules are to benefit them, set up with them and not enforced upon them. By enforcing a rule using strict methods is less likely to obeyed. Establishing the rule with the learner will build respect for others and they are more likely to be understand and remember their limits. Petty G (2004.,Pg 102) states that ‘Your rules and regimes will take time to establish and should be based on educational, safety and moral grounds, not personal idiosyncrasies.’

It can also be argued rules be made by negotiation are less likely to be broken, however as stated by Petty G (2004.,Pg 102) ‘when rules are made explicit they can still be tested.’ Therefore I believe if rules are broken it is important to follow consistency to enforce the rule and show that there is zero tolerance in accepting what they are doing to disrupt the learning. Remind the learner that the rules were made by negotiation therefore allowing the learner be aware it is them not meeting their agreement. Gravells A (2008., Pg 64) writes on the topic ground rules: ‘don’t just ignore the behaviour; address it immediately. However, with experience you will realise that some things can be ignored providing this does not affect the safety of your learners.’

Learners are to be aware of what is...

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