Ways of Running Different Types of Stone Crusher

Ways of Running Different Types of Stone Crusher

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At construction sites, stone crusher is the equipment that you could find frequently. As the common heavy machine for construction and mining industry, the operators must be familiar with the operation information. The workers who work near the machine should be aware of the power of the machine and avoid to annoy it by unproper action. Generally speaking, even the two-year old boy could spell stone crusher, but not every one could distinguish the different types of stone crusher, let alone the operation.

The primary crusher, in most situation, means the jaw crusher . It is designed with larger capacity to crusher larger materials. The secondary contain impact crusher and cone crusher, they are used to break down the materials which have been through the primary crushing. No matter which type of machine you are going to use, it is essential to inspect the working condition.

Make sure all parts of the machine is in good working condition and feed the machine lubrication oil. You could determine whether the stone crusher could work smoothly from its working noise. If you find any problem, you should shut down the machine immediately before causing injuries. Generally, several trucks are needed to transfer the crushed materials. Or you could store the materials if you do not need to use them.

The materials fed into the machine should better be dry. Too much moisture would enhance the adhesiveness and you would have to pay too much attention to deal with the blockage. In addition, while you need to check or maintain the machine, you need to turn off the machine first. While stopping the machine, make sure that none of the materials are left inside the cavity.
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