ways to save electricity

ways to save electricity

Electricity is a very important source of energy. Describe some ways to save electricity in your home.

We usually budget and plan ahead when we want to buy some costly electrical devices like compact disc players, washing machines and personal computers. But seldom are we prepared for the increases in the electricity bill. Are there ways for us to enjoy the use of these electrical devices and yet keep the electricity bill low? Yes indeed, there are.
One way is by switching off the electrical devices if they are not being used. We often forget to do so. We switch on the kitchen light, take our drinks and leave it on. We switch on the fan and simply forget to switch it off later. All we need to do is to change our habits.

We should also try to do as many chores as possible during the daytime so that we do not have to switch on the light. Do not use electrical devices unnecessarily. It has become almost a habit for us to switch on the fan regardless of whether it is a cold day or a hot day. Switching on electrical devices have become a reflex action. To save electricity, we should ask ourselves, "Do I need this?" before we switch on any electrical devices.

There are also habits of using the electrical devices which need to be changed in order to save electricity. For example, we like to open the refrigerator door very often. Each time we do so, some cold air escapes and extra electricity is needed to bring down the temperature again . The same principle applies when we use the iron for short periods of time throughout the day. Electricity can be saved if we iron a whole stack of clothes at one go instead of ironing them piece by piece as and when we need to use them.

Nowadays, there are many energy saving electrical devices such as bulbs which consume less electricity. We should use them instead of having fanciful ones that often beautify our homes and increase the bill as well.

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