We Are Marshall

We Are Marshall

We Are Marshall

The movie begins on a serious note with tragedy interspersed with sport.

A plane crash kills players,coaches and fans of the Marshall University Football team.

The entire town is devastated.The board decides to put an end to the programme before Nate,

a player (who was not on the flight) intervenes for the inevitable not to happen. He finds support

in the entire town and also Prez Donald who goes all out to initiate something.

After much hard work, he finds a coach Jack who an all out family man readies to take

the reigns to show support. Jack persuades Red (Assnt Coach) to join him. Together they

recruit coaches and embarks on a journey to recruit players.All their efforts go in vain. That is

when Jack pushes Prez for an exception to the association to have freshmen play in their team.

This petition is approved and things look bright. Recruitments and practice go on and a team is

readied. But, winning isnt easy. The Marshalls lose their first game and the town loses faith.

Emotions erupt, but Jack stays calm.

In the wake of the tragedy, and having just been kicked out of the Mid-American

Conference the previous year for over 140 NCAA violations. President Donald Dedmon leans

towards indefinitely suspending the football program. But he is ultimately persuaded to

reconsider by the pleas of the Marshall students and Huntington residents, and especially the

few football players who didn't make the flight. Dedmon hires a young new head coach Jack

Lengyel, who, with the help of Red Dawson, manages to rebuild the team in a relatively short

time. They are aided by theNCAA's waiver of a rule prohibiting freshmen from playing varsity

sports (a rule which would be permanently abolished in 1972). The new team is composed mostly of the returning players and athletes from other

Marshall sports programs. The "Young Thundering Herd" wins just two games during the...

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