We Are Together in Thoughts

We Are Together in Thoughts

We are Together in Thoughts

As I reach out
And grab you by the hand
I pull you close
So together we stand

Standing there
Your heart raced
As I wrapped my arms
Around your waist

As I hold you
You wrap your arms around me
Now we're standing there
Just hugging

As we hug
A kiss I give you
Show that
I really love you….

I Miss You, Come Back For Me..

We were Inseparable,
The times we were together
We Would play all day and talk all night
Like Two Feathers Of a Bird,

We were, Sometimes So lonely,
The times we were Apart,
But Prayed to God for one another
With earnest from our hearts.

We were often In deep Distress
The times We weren't together.
But you stayed close, I Held your hand
We braved life's Stormy Weather,

We are inseparable,
The times we are together -
Your influence upon my life
Makes me live for the better,

Still I Miss those Days,
When We Were Together
Come Back,
At least For The Sake Of My Love ..

Will U still Love me if I Die?

When I die,
I'll still love you with all my heart,

I'll be looking down on you praying you'll still be happy,

I'll be hoping you still remember the great times we had.

And when I die,
I'll still be thinking about you every minute of every day,

I'll be thinking about whether you still think about me,

I'll be thinking about how much I really meant to you,
But when I die,

Will you still think about me?
Will you remember the days we spent together holding hands and laughing?

Will you still have room for me in your heart?
So when I die,
Will you still love me?

I Believe In You

I stare into your eyes
Although you cant really see

That the pain inside of your heart
Is also hurting me

You say that you are hopeless
And you will never live your dreams

You say there’s no point in living
If this is all it seems

Your best friend always first
And your dragged down the line

You smile and say your ok
But inside i see your not going to...

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