We Have Failed to Maintain the Islamic Civilization.

We Have Failed to Maintain the Islamic Civilization.

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"We have failed to maintain Islamic Civilization"

George Sarton a western historian says:
The decadence of Islam and of Arabic is almost as puzzling in its speed and completeness as their phenomenal rise. Scholars will forever try to explain it as they try to explain the decadence and fall of Rome.

Once,the great muslim civilization in its illustrious glory, ruled half the planet.Our civilization was the pivot of intellectual and cultural life on a scale not seen before.Its eminent scholars were head and shoulders above the rest.Universities,libraries,hospitals and observatories flourished in splendour.Rivers of knowledge to Europe flowed from mountains of wisdom in muslim Spain.Muslims sailed around the globe to trade.They empowered agriculture and industries to extremes.The civilization was guarded by blood sweat and tears of Holy warriors.The Golden Age shone brightly over the timeline of history,now ridicules the modern muslims in decline.

In the Modern era,we have failed to maintain our precious civilization.To put it clearly; all this is due to a cycle of blunders which we commit every now and then.The absence of islamic spirit,lack of unity,negligence in state affairs,narrow mindedness and spiritual and intellectual decline are the key elements.

It is a pity that we have moulded religion in an out dated entity.Islam the ultimate source of enlightment and vitality is least important for us.Added to this the holier than thou attitude of Ulma has sparked qauarrels and disappointed true followers.

Islamic Brotherhood,once a characteristic sentiment has vanished into thin air.The cocept of Ummah has been long forgotten.It was the lack of unity whcih always put our enemies to advantage.Alas! We muslims face shameless defeats but dare not to unite.

Modern muslim views his existence through spectacles of western civilization.The morals and ethics of west are in sharp contrast to ours.We have stepped out of line to mimic them.The western...

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