We Should Pay Attation to the Cone Crusher Lubrication System

We Should Pay Attation to the Cone Crusher Lubrication System

Mining machinery industry develops rapidly in China. Crusher machines are also frequently used in recent years. Since its launch, cone crusher has always been the leader among similar equipment on the market, which owes to superb performance of bushing of main shaft, eccentric bushing, taper sleeve and other accessories of cone crusher to a great extent.

(1) The lubricating oil goes into the cone crusher by two paths. One goes in from the bottom oil hole of cone crusher, and then divides into three directions to the inside and outside of the hollow eccentric shaft, the middle oil hole of the main bearing and the bowl type bearing, going through the hole lubricating big and small gear, and then the oil will return from the bottom oil returning hole of the small bevel gear. The other oil path is from the hole of the driving bearing shelf, lubricating the driving bearing, and its oil returning is also from the oil returning hole of the small bevel gear and the shield. The oil returning goes back to the oil box from the single oil pipe.

(2) In order for the normal work of cone crusher, when there is no heating equipment inside the plant in winter, an electric resistance heater is installed in the oil box in order to improve the temperature of the oil; in summer, when the temperature of the oil increases, the customer can lubricate the machine making the oil go through the hear exchanger.

(3) Because of long time of working, the temperature of the lubricating oil will increase, but it can never be higher than 60℃, otherwise, the worker should rapidly stop the cone crusher and examine the reasons and eliminate the fault.

(4) The oil pressure must reach 0.8-1.5kgf/cm2. Only when the lubricating oil reaches its lubricating point, can the main motor be started. If the oil pressure is below 0.8kgf/cm2, the control system of the machine will send a signal and immediately stop feeding materials, at this time, the workers will have to find out the reason and...

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