we wont cry about this

we wont cry about this

We Won't Cry About This
By: Socorro Villanueva
- What brought the climax in this short story is the rising action which is the violent incident in December which ensues from Katrina coming home late and thus earning the ire of her sister, Squeak.

- The fight between the siblings could be regarded as the climax of the story wherein all the rage, curbed emotions of the past days, months and years were let out.

Falling Action
- The resolution is found in the last section of the prose, when Katrina cozies with her mom in the hospital along with Squeak, sad and maybe even fearful but somehow one begins to sense a quiet understanding in her action, a resigned piercing acceptance and a desire to embrace the present. This newfound enlightenment comes with the knowledge that heading toward the future is a skate on the ice-forever slippery and uncertain.

The external conflict revolves around the effort to deal with the mother’s illness which is an outside force.

External Conflict
In Socorro A. Villanueva’s short prose the conflict is both internal and external but mainly the conflict resides within the characters’ psyche.

Internal Conflict
The internal conflict rages inside Katrina, her emotions swinging a la pendulum between denial and acceptance.

She stays in bed with Ralph Waldo Emerson all weekend, his book close to her breast, like a lover. And she has conversations with this man, dead a century, because, she says, his words are alive for talking-to and true, and she likes truth and true men, whatever she means by that. She takes to books because she doesn’t have a man otherwise is what I think. She dated for a while---Roque, this longhaired commercial director who was like eight years her junior. But now he’s gone, thank God. Lately she talks to books and is outrageously lazy. She has her recent favorites, like Thoreau and the Buddhist, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Gary Zukav, the soul geek. The bible,...

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