Web Based Technology

Web Based Technology

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1. Project background
A website is a tool for a company to have more public exposure and extend a public image. Additionally it gives a business a widely expanded market, greater credibility and ultimately more growth. A website will not eliminate the need to advertise in other media, but the World-Wide Web (WWW) advertising works very effectively as an integral part of other forms of advertisement. An effectively designed website should even allow a company to cut back on some of other advertising costs.

A website enables a customer to visit a company and view information of the products they wanted to know more. The Internet can provide customers with the essential information they need, without having to directly contact with a company. Moreover, a website can serve as another marketing channel such as providing a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for a geographic location.

A well designed webpage can help a company to create a good image for the company. On the other hand, a bad one can ruin company’s equity. Through a website, a company can provide many services to their customers according to their needs. The website can be updated easily with the newest information. It is a one possible way to gain more advantages over the competition in this rapidly expanding market by having a professional well managed website. Thus, many companies are gearing up for a major battle against online customers.

1.2 Project problems
Softcare Consumer Co., Ltd. was established for the last 10 years from 1995. The products that they carry are Whitening Care, Anti-Acne Facial Care, Anti-Wrinkle Care and Breast Care under ‘La Femme’ brand. Softcare Consumer Co., Ltd uses mainly natural ingredients as Thai herbs extract to combine with the latest technology such as Nanotechnology and Liposome technology for solving the specific...

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