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Benefits of Using Open Source Software
• Benefits of using Open Source Software in an organizational
o Reliability
o Stability
o Auditability
o Cost
o Flexibility and Freedom
o Support and Accountability


Open Source's proponents often claim that it offers significant benefits when compared to typical commercial products. Commercial products typically favour visible features (giving marketing advantage) over harder-to measure qualities such as stability, security and similar less glamorous attributes. As a shorthand, we shall describe this phenomenon as quality vs features.
Open Source Software developers are evidently motivated by many factors but favouring features over quality is not noticeable amongst them. For many developers, peer review and acclaim is important, so it's likely that they will prefer to build software that is admired by their peers. Highly prized factors are clean design, reliability and maintainability, with adherence to standards and shared community values preeminent.
"The Open Source community attracts very bright, very motivated developers, who although frequently unpaid, are often very disciplined. In addition, these developers are not part of corporate cultures where the best route to large salaries is to move into management, hence some Open Source developers are amongst the most experienced in the industry. In addition all users of Open Source products have access to the source code and debugging tools, and hence often suggest both bug fixes and enhancements as actual changes to the source code. Consequently the quality of software produced by the Open Source community sometimes exceeds that produced by purely commercial organisations." (QINETIQ2001).
"... This psychological effect is really important in explaining why so many projects are started out of the blue, with seemingly no reward. Although it may seem surprising at first view, it is not...

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