Website Critique

Website Critique

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About Kids Health Website Critique

Introduction 3
Credibility 5
Content 6
Disclosure 7
Links 8
Design 9
Interactivity 11
Conclusion 12
Bibliography 15

Today’s society is becoming more reliant upon technology for their educational needs, especially in regards to healthcare teaching. The internet provides a plethora of health care information but not all sites are credible and reliable. Some web sites sell products, are written by non-medical professionals, or contain outdated or inaccurate information. It is therefore vital for health care professionals to determine the appropriateness of internet resources provided for educational purposes and constantly review content to ensure that it is credible, free from bias, accurate and valid. To know how to determine if a web site is trustworthy is crucial and will ensure education received is both accurate and appropriate for the client being taught.
This paper will evaluate the website About Kids Health (The Hospital for Sick Children, 2009) according to the criteria listed in Patient Education in Health and Illness (Rankin, Stallings, & London, 2005, pp. 280-281). This website can be found at Credibility, content, disclosure, links, design, and interactivity will be discussed in detail and it will be shown that this is a credible website for parents who wish to gain more insight about medical conditions, milestones, diseases, and illnesses of their children.

The textbook Handbook of Informatics for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (Hebda & Czar, 2009, p. 124) states, “Large professional associations, such as hospitals, universities, government and official health organizations tend to have the most reliable sites.” This website is published by The Hospital for Sick Children, one of the largest paediatric teaching hospitals in Canada. Located in Toronto, Ontario,...

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