Websitre Project

Websitre Project

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Education is very important in all household but especially mine. My grandparents had to struggle to gain their university degree and back then, it was a big deal for a woman to have any education higher than gr. 4. My grandfather has a bachelor in science and my grandmother has bachelors in art. All their kids pursued further education as well and now the third generation of my family is almost completed this stage in their live. The fourth generation is just about to begin following in these footsteps. I have instilled the importance of education in my own two kids and hope they will continue to make their great-grand parents proud.

My family encouraged me to pursue a career in science regardless of the limitation put on by society. I now am a marine biologist and I love what I do. I am thankful to my family for supporting me in this endeavour.
My childhood was loud and boisterous. Growing up with so many siblings teaches you to fight and defend yourself. It also teaches you the importance of family. I had to learn to share clothes, chores, and toys. At times, fights had to be broken up and wounds tend to but in the end, family is family. As we grew up, we leaned on each for support and guidance. Our parents were there for us, but my siblings were my friends. They would lend a shoulder to cry on or scold me if I messed up. I have a lot of respect and love for my siblings. They played an equally important part in molding who I am today.

I have a wide array of interests cultivated over many years. My husband and I are big readers. We actually met at a coffee shop. We were both reading "The Great Gatsby". Surprisingly we also shared interests in music and movies. Surprising because I am a big fan of classical, instrumental music and most of my friends dislike it. So basically our relationship begin with a book.
My family lives in a little town in California. I met my husband while finishing my masters. He’s a chemical engineer. We...

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