Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

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Question 1

1) At the malay wedding they have to follow few steps before getting married. Its like asking ceremony, engagement ceremony and marriage contract before getting married. The Malays have such a culture to make sure the marriage is last long.

However the western culture don’t have long ceremony. They just have their wedding for one day. The couples will exchange rings and will have their wedding cake cut and serve to the guest.

2) In the Malay culture, there is a lot of festival. But the most important festival is the fasting festival. This festival is celebrate for one month. The Malays will fast for one month and will celebrate the festival on the 1st day of the following month. At this festival time the Malays will visit to the mosque in the morning and later will invite relative to house for simple treat.

However at western culture, they celebrate the festival called Christmas. This festival will be celebrate for one day. On the festival day the people will be exchange gifts the thanks each other.

3) The Malays have their own way greeting. The guys will shake hands each other when meeting while the woman wil not shake hand wit different sex.

However the western is very simple and social. They can shake hands with different sex

4) The malay culture give importants to personal space. In the malay culture a girl and guy can socialize to close without a proper or blood relation.

However at the western culture , the guys and girls can be close and socialize as they want. No one will stop them.

Question 2

When different culture people interact they will be lot of difficulties. The most big difficulties they will face is the greetings each other. As some of them like greet by shake hand, some of them like to greet by cary on and some of them by hugs and some of them by just nodded the head.

Sometimes when this kind of issue came, the best thing to do is greet the international way....

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