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`Muhammad Farid ul Haque
Reg. No.CRN-56846
Islamabad college of Accounts and Finance.

Secured: 1st Position.


The concept and definition of a marriage may change with time, but its value remains unchanged. A wedding is a ceremony to celebrate the wedlock of a bride and groom. For most of the people wedding is the most important day of their life, the day they unite with their soul mate and vow to be with them for the rest of their lives. The celebration of a wedding may vary between different countries, religions, culture and social classes, but the joy and festivity associated with the ceremony invariably remain in the same.

A number of cultures utilize the western custom of a bride wearing a white dress. The custom of exchanging rings may be the oldest and most universal symbol of marriage, but the origins are unclear. The ring’s circular shape represents perfection and never-ending love. The rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony and symbolize the love, faithfulness and commitment of the marriage union.

The wedding is often followed by a reception during which the rituals include toasting the bride and groom, the newlyweds’ first dance as husband and wife, cake cutting, etc.

A Pakistani wedding is a beautiful combination of bright colors. In fact, it is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated occasions. Grooming of bride starts at least a month before the ceremony. The relative girls of both bride and groom make beautiful dresses for the ceremony. In addition, the dress of the bride is one of the most important things. The wedding dress here in Pakistan is made with beautiful fabric on which different types of embroideries and embellishments are done. The typical color of the wedding dress is red but now with the advancement of fashion other colors are also being used.

A Pakistani wedding is broken down into a 4-day event. The tradition of a Pakistani wedding is the longevity of the...

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