Week 1 Assignment Com/135

Week 1 Assignment Com/135

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There are three main steps of technical writing they are as follows: Pre-write, write, and re-write.

The use of pre-write allows the process of information to be gathered to eventually be used in the manual. In this step we would determine the purpose in why we are writing, determine the goal that we want to accomplish, think of the type of audience that will be reading the manual, using all the resources we gather and the data required to finish the manual. Finally, we would determine how we want to relay our information, which in this case is a manual.

The writing process involves taking all the information gathered in the prewriting process and putting it down on paper in a draft. In the case of a manual we must lead the reader on a smooth upswing of information to ensure that they will not get lost in all the data. If the information does not follow a specific order, the reader may become too frustrated to continue reading. Build the document to expand the important points that combine with the application and will make the document reader friendly.

Re-writing is the most important part of the technical writing process. This is where we would put any of the missing information collected in our draft. This includes making any corrections to the format of the document, deleting un-necessary information and checking to make sure everything follows a specific direction.

There are five specific objectives of technical writing. Below are the explanations for these objectives.

Clarity, Provides a clear message within your document. Writer must provide specific detail, answer readers’ questions, use understandable words, and last use verbs in an active voice. Limiting paragraph length, wording and sentence length will save writers’ time in this case providing conciseness. Accuracy is the third objective. Writer must avoid grammatical errors and utilizing proofreading tips. Organization is another objective of technical writing. Guiding the reader as...

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