Week 1 Memo

Week 1 Memo


To: Supervisory Team Managers
Date: August 16, 2010
Re: InterClean & EnviroTech Merger

With the InterClean and EnviroTech Inc merger, we all know there will be quite a few changes with high level managers to sales reps, marketing strategies, compliance acquisitions and a complete restructuring of the company. Anytime there is a merger, there will be many changes in order to support all the requirements of expanding a company and getting all the employees from both companies prepared. As managers it is our duty to prepare our team for the changes about to take place. In order to maintain a great morale and calmness in the company while this transition is happening, it starts with us, the managers. In doing this we must look at what the concerns and ideas are of the employees and have answers for all of them and maintain an understanding of what is happening and the guidelines that are in place to have a smooth transition. Management’s attitude, work ethics, problem solving skills, and the way they carry themselves with their employees has a huge impact on those employees. In any company when a company has to reduce cost due to budget or the merging of two companies, the employees go through a phase of mental and emotional stress. This is natural and it is up to the management to make as much sense and set rumors to rest and to give as much information as possible to help the employee’s transition during the forth coming changes. What a manger does in these situations impacts how the employees will react. If the managers give as much information as possible and what the plan is of the company, the employees will then react in a positive way by making sure they do what needs to be done to benefit them in the situation and to hopefully maintain their jobs.

With the merger and therefore the restructuring of the company we as managers will need to look at our employees and decide which employees will best fit the company. In doing this we will need...

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