Week 2 Memo

Week 2 Memo

Resource List and Project Task
Assessment Planning: Introduction
Here in the Human Resource Department, we are planning a 2-day training session at another location for managers throughout the organization, nationwide. This plan is designed to get managers familiar with new management tool system that is in its last phase of implementation. Many factors have to be considered when it comes to training new projects and completing assigned tasks effectively. First, we will need to determine the needs of the customer’s regarding their responsibilities for this project, along with what jobs he/she will perform. Second, Assumptions and other predictions are to be determines before the final documentation and client approval for the projects initiation. Lastly, a design document is going to be developed on this process. Based on needs of the customer’s, resources, budget, and timeline, the document will be defining the format of the project before the initiation phase begins. For this project, the design document will include the following:

TO: All Managers
FROM: Human Resources
DATE: July 17, 2015
SUBJECT: Resource List and Project Task
CC: Board of Directors

Training Plans:
Identify who needs training: The selected individuals should be fast learners and have the communication skills to be able to teach others effectively.
Identify trainer modifications: If there anything that needs to be modified?
Identify trainer relocations: What location is the training taking place?
Software only: The software is the sole focus of the 2-day training.

Cost Estimates: This tool will be used to calculate the following:
Labor: Estimate how much extra cost it will be for extra workers, if needed.
Material: How much is the material going to cost?
Travel: Total cost for all trainees to fly to...

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