Week 2 MGT 538 Cultural Orientation Training Boeing A+

Week 2 MGT 538 Cultural Orientation Training Boeing A+

Cultural Orientation Training – Boeing – Brazil
June 9, 2014
David Barlage

University of Phoenix Material

Cultural Orientation Training – Boeing - Brazil

Complete the worksheet by describing your cultural orientation training

Strategic Goals

Identify the international organization’s strategic goals and explain how cultural dynamics might affect those goals.
Specific strategic goals for Boeing in Brazil, South America include; industrial participation, research & development, and community engagement. The industrial participation Boeing offers needs to comply with Defense Industrial Participation (DIP) which is an integral part of the Department of Defense framework. The industrial participation needs to maintain retention and the development standards of the South African defense industry, which is regarded as a national strategic and economic asset. Research & development for the development of defense technology standards needs to stay up-to-date on the changing environment otherwise this could also cause issues for Boeing. The main goal for Boeing was to develop ways to improve efficiency and safety in commercial aviation and defense marketing. According to Boeing (2014), “In addition, since October 2011, Boeing and Embraer are also working closely together to advance the development of sustainable aviation biofuels” (Partnerships). The McKinsey Global Institute (2014) website states that cultural dynamics may possibly affect these objectives because of the country’s longstanding and homemade barriers to growth ranging from the infrastructure deficits to an intricate tax and controlling structure.

Cultural Awareness Goals

Specify the goals of the organization’s cultural awareness plan and explain how meeting each goal will facilitate communication and cooperation between the American team and its counterparts.
The Boeing International organization’s cultural awareness is designed to...

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