Week 2 Post-discussion reaction form

Week 2 Post-discussion reaction form

Week Two Post-Discussion Reaction Form

April 6, 2015
Thomas Carras

Week Two Post-Discussion Reaction Form
1. How clear was the intent of the discussion?
The discussion was very clear the group discuss the situation that took place about Annie and her eating disorder. The group talk about the psychologist how he was interrupting the social worker on how to approach the situation about Annie. He kept saying she needs medicine, instead of talking to Annie and seeing what going on and how they can help her besides taking medicine. The social worker wanted to set a meeting to meet Annie and discuss what’s going on with her and see if Annie would agree on some possible solutions to help her with the depression and eating disorder.

2. How prepared were your group members for the discussion?
The group were well prepared we got together and started talking about the video right away. By this being some of the student’s first class, they will do great being on a team with different people. The motivation was there right away we discuss all of the possible situation in the video, came to some conclusion explain by the social worker and psychologist. Some of the students in the group will learn more about teamwork as the time goes by, they will see the good and bad situations in working as a team. The group for what I see is going in the right direction.

3. Did everyone participate equally in the discussion?
Yes, everyone participated equally we discuss all of the possible situations that they present in the video. Everyone put their suggestions in the group, we all had excellent feedback addressing the issues. The main issues were present how to help Annie with her depression and eating disorder. Now you have the psychologist on one side and the social worker on the other side now between the two of them they both had different opinions on how to help Annie with her situation. The psychologist just wanted to give her medication, and the...

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