week 4 assignment

week 4 assignment

EXP 105: Week 4
Personal Strategy Card

A. LCI Scores

Record your LCI scores in the boxes provided.

B. Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns.
(Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to refine your responses as you complete this section.)

Sequence: I always need to know exactly what is expected of me. I recently started a new job and every day the first thing I do is check with the manager for a list of tasks. I don’t like leaving tasks unfinished and it bothers me when I have to leave in the middle of a project to start something else. I feel that the new project doesn’t get my full attention because I am still thinking about what I have to finish on the previous one. It’s quite stressful because I want to do both and I want to do them well. I also don’t feel that I have accomplished my goals unless I receive verbal or written verification from my supervisors/managers.

Precision: I question everything that’s asked of me. I can’t just “jump into” a project/task without knowing what I’m supposed to do and why I’m supposed to do it. I need to make sure that everything is in order and correct and I feel that asking questions is the best way for me to ensure that happens. I know it probably annoys some people, but I would much rather get all the information and do it correctly the first time, than “wing it” and have to do it over and over again

Technical Reasoning: I enjoy working with others when I need to, but I feel that I work much better by myself. I am very much a “hands on learner” while I will take notes if needed, I rarely ever refer to them. I like to figure out how things work and will sit and take apart just about anything just so I can put it back together. I also like to find the “shortest...

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