week 5 mkt 421

week 5 mkt 421

Supply Chain Paper
MKT/ 421
March 16, 2015

Supply chain Logistics is an essential element of the global economic system; Goods can change hands from a variety of different global companies, which some form of value being added at each stage. In the context of marketing, the following paper will map the supply chain of the solar panel industry. This is a growing industry that has seen a massive amount of growth over the last 10 years. Each major piece of the supply chain will be outlined in detail, which includes the manufacture, distributer and retailer.

Solar panels are an alternative energy source that is used for a variety of applications in commercial and residential settings. The majority of panels are manufactured overseas where companies can take advantage of lower labor costs. Under the direction of U.S based companies, the typical supply chain of solar panel companies may include the following roles.
Designs, the layout and schematics of the panels.
The safety tests before releasing the product worldwide.
Sources used for the solar panels; such as aluminum and Silicon Diodes.
Improves Product design based off of the customer’s feedback.
Branding, to backup the quality of the solar panels.]
Follow Environmental Regulation’s and Guidelines.

Some of the largest solar panel manufactures include Sun Power, LDK Solar and First Solar. These brands are always competing with one another to gain large accounts and provide panels for major solar projects throughout the world. By creating a brand image that focuses on quality and reliability are essential for these companies.

The next major player in the solar panel industry is the distributor. The products themselves are large industrial products that require extensive logistical efforts to transport across the globe. Some of the roles of the solar panel distributer are listed below.
Arranges the international...

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