Week 6 Quiz

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1 of 15
7.0 Points
WEP is vulnerable to __________.
Correct A.cracking

Answer Key: A
Question 2 of 15
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PSK mode is ___________.
A.a pre-salted key
Correct B.a pre-shared key
C.more secure
D.enterprise ready

Answer Key: B
Question 3 of 15
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Why is WPA2 superior to WPA?
A.It uses stronger encryption.
B.It does not include the design flaws of WEP.
Correct C.Both A and B
D.Neither A nor B

Answer Key: C
Question 4 of 15
7.0 Points
What is Bluejacking?
A.Taking over another phone remotely
B.Taking over Bluetooth traffic
Correct C.Sending unsolicited messages to a phone through Bluetooth
D.Hijacking Web sites through Bluetooth

Answer Key: C
Question 5 of 15
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Why is an open wireless network dangerous?
A.Unencrypted traffic can be sniffed.
B.Other users may be able to inject traffic into your connection.
Incorrect C.Both A and B
D.Neither A nor B

Answer Key: A
Question 6 of 15
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Using MAC filtering and enabling WPA2 encryption are examples of what sort of wireless security activity?
A.Security through obscurity
Correct B.Locking down wireless access
C.Outmoded security practices
D.Methods to prevent legitimate wireless access

Answer Key: B
Question 7 of 15
7.0 Points
What capability is provided by inSSIDer?
Correct A.WLAN access point troubleshooting
B.Infrared scanning
C.Bluetooth scanning
D.Wi-Fi security analysis reporting

Answer Key: A
Question 8 of 15
7.0 Points
Factors that affect the emanations of a wireless network include all but which one of the following?
A.Atmospheric conditions
B.Building materials
Correct C.Sound vibrations
D.Nearby devices

Answer Key: C
Question 9 of 15
7.0 Points
Which of the following acronyms correctly describes an ad hoc network of access points?
Correct A.IBSS

Answer Key: A

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