Week 6 Weekly Summary

Week 6 Weekly Summary

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Can you believe that it is already week 6 and its the end of it too! This week has been another informative week.

The discussion was great. There was a large discussion on the importance of technology in public relations, talk of shipping speeds, companies going out of business, and new trends were considered.

Other tops discussed were the importance of testing out logos and considering other cultures in Marketing. This can be important since a message in the USA can mean something completely different in another culture and can be fatal to a company if it does not translate well.

The book did a great job in explaining the roles of ethics and social responsibility in emerging markets. It was also helpful to evaluate public relations strategies for a new product or service. Especially since in our teams we put together a complete paper on our new product and how we plan to market it.

Thank you, and the class for the last 6 weeks.
OBJECTIVE: Analyze the role of ethics and social responsibility in marketing.

Resource: Marketing Ethics in Emerging Markets article

OBJECTIVE: Evaluating public relations strategies for a new product or service.

Resource: Ch. 11 of This is PR



Ads and News Look-Alikes
Print and Broadcast PSAs
Preparing Successful Ads

Publicity and Publications

Producing Brochures and House Publications
Producing Annual Reports
Speeches as Publicity or Publications
Producing Institutional Videotapes and Films
Handling Celebrity Appearances

Publicity through the Mass Media

Technology and Public Relations
PR and the Internet
Preparing to Work with the Media
Publicizing Special Events

On the Job with Media People

Relations with News People
Relations with Production People
Relations with other PR People
Relations with Freelance Writers
Protesting Relationships: Contracts and Deadlines
Direct Contact: Client...

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