week 7

week 7

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Organizational Structure Template

Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for successful, enjoyable participation in a positive team experience for Units 8–10.
In this assignment, you will research and compose descriptions of a fictitious anonymous company's five functional areas. Further, you will explore organization’s code of ethics and executive summaries of reports to understand what they are and how to compose them.
Your main task is to develop a broad overview of the mission and purpose to be prepared to participate in the team activity for Unit 8. Note: Your assigned role for the team is not needed or related to this assignment.
As you complete this assignment on this template, refer to information provided in the unit 7 studies. Specifically, utilize these provided resources and perform research to satisfactorily complete this assignment.
· Teamwork Activity Challenge.
· Organizational Structure reading.
· Functional Areas Managers reading.

Important: This assignment is due Sunday of week 7. Learners completing it on time will be performing Unit 8 as part of a team. Learners without a successful, timely assignment cannot be on a team.

Important: Utilize paragraph structure in your document, not outline format, and support your ideas with references. References can include those identified from both the Internet and a library.

Hint: The following template will guide the development of the compositions, reference list, and appendix. Further, it provides extra instructions to guide the development of clearly written and well-focused compositions. Your compositions need to include the Summary items listed next.
Summary of Needed Items on This Template
Reminder: Refer to the teamwork activity challenge often as you complete this template
· The lettered items on this page refer to the items in the actual template, which starts on the next page.
· Note that for Parts A–C be sure to use in-text...

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