Week One Checkpoint Mgt 245

Week One Checkpoint Mgt 245

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Week One CheckPoint

Part I:

1. What conditions, if any, do you think justify the use of punishment?

I think that any poor work performance can justify the use of punishment however; the punishment should fit the crime so to speak. I do not think that verbal abuse is warranted in any situation. I prefer the three strikes your out method, such as a verbal warning then being written up and if the problem persists, termination.

2. Do you think most managers use punishment? If so, why?

I do think that most managers use punishment because it is necessary in some instances to keep employees on track. There has to be some form of punishment in business for those who choose not to follow the rules.

3. What’s the downside of using punishment? Of using positive reinforcement?

The downside of using punishment is the negative impact that it could have on an employee. It can cause resentment and fear in the employee which is not productive. I really do not see a downside for using positive reinforcement because by motivating an employee it makes them feel better and want to please you by doing better.

4. Have you ever worked for a boss that used punishment? What was your behavioral response?

I have worked for a boss that threatened me with my job and my reaction was not a positive one, I quit. My thought process was that I would not work for a company that used threats. However I have worked for a company that utilized the verbal warning, formal write ups, and termination method and when I had to be disciplined the verbal warning got me back on track with no further incident.

Part II:

Sandy, it has been brought to my attention that your work performance is not meeting the goals for our team. First of all you were late in issuing an important purchasing order, you also did not return a disgruntled customers call which escalated causing an irate letter to be sent to the companies CEO, and just yesterday you failed to turn in a very important...

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