Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

TO: All Entering Freshman Students, Fall 2011
FROM: Mary Catherine Kiliany, Coordinator,
Communications Skills Placement & Assessment
SUBJECT: Communications Skills Core Curriculum Requirements

DATE: Spring/Summer 2011

Welcome to Robert Morris University!

The Communications Skills Program is a nationally recognized curriculum. At Robert Morris University, all students are required to take four communications skills classes, providing instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, in the RMU Core Curriculum.

You will be placed in the Communications Skills Program based upon any or all of the following criteria:
• Placement Test Score
• SAT or ACT scores
• High School GPA
• Other Multi-Measures

Please note that the more information we have about you, the more accurate we can be in your placement.

If your present level of preparation requires developmental work to help you meet university-level standards, you will be placed in COSK0990, College Reading & Writing. Please note that although COSK0990 is a 3-credit course, those credits will not be applied toward your program’s requirements. However, your grade in the developmental course will be applied to your QPA.

Otherwise, you will be placed in either COSK1220, Reading & Writing Strategies, or COSK1221, Argument & Research

If you are placed in COSK1220, Reading & Writing Strategies, the following will comprise your Core requirements: COSK1220, Reading & Writing Strategies; COSK1221, Argument & Research; COSK2220, Public Speaking & Persuasion; and COSK2230, Business & Professional Communication. COSK2221, Intercultural Communications, may be taken as an elective, or you may be required to take it elsewhere in your program, but you are not required to take it as part of your RMU Core Requirements.

If you are placed in COSK1221, Argument & Research, the following will...

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