Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World

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Amy Clayborn
English Composition
Essay #3

The beautiful dark cherry wood door to my room is always closed and locked. It's the place I go to read, pray, and work in peace and tranquility. Today, unexpectedly, I'm welcoming you in for a visit. I know you feel honored because few have crossed the threshold.

As you open the door, observe the lampshade with its bright red and yellow flowers; it reminds me to appreciate nature. The floral patterns on the border of the room and the plants that are hanging in all corners give you the feel of sitting in a flower garden. Although the room is tiny, I hope you find it comfortable. An enormous window surrounded with flowery cloth lets in the morning sunshine, which drenches the room with its warmth and surrounds us with illumination. Birds chirp outside, summoning you to enter.

An ancient teacher's desk with tarnished brass drawer handles sits in front of the window, its wood full of nicks from many careless moves and scratches from a cat, which shall remain nameless. May I introduce you to Betsie, my friendly computer, who lives on top of the desk? When I turn her on, she'll sputter "You‘ve got mail." and flash an inviting array of options on the screen. That's my cat Cheeto under the desk, snoring in harmony with Betsie and the birds.

Against the right wall are my book cases, filled with knowledge for all ages. A group of African-American women praying in watercolors remind of us what to do in a time of despair look at us from the wall. Won't you have a seat on the overstuffed brown leather armchair nestled in the other corner? I know you smell the freshly perked coffee, Starbuck‘s of course. I made it especially for your visit because I know how you love your java. Use my favorite cup over there in the cabinet; it's the one that is cow print with the udders hanging from the bottom of the cup.

I know you can’t stay long; the huge grandfather clock in the corner will help you to keep the time....

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