Fab 0-2 O/A Welding Phase

Use of this workbook

Read the text thoroughly and then extract the information from the text to answer the

All questions should be answered as fully as possible.

If you are unsure of any of the questions consult your instructor for clarification.

TAKE YOU’RE TIME, this workbook cannot be rushed, do not leave it to the last
minute to complete.


What is oxy-acetylene gas welding?
A welding process where the heat needed to create the weld is produced chemically by the
combustion of OXYGEN and ACETYLENE. The filler, where used, is fed in by hand to create
the weld bead.


How is the heat needed for welding produced?

It is produced chemically by the
combustion of oxygen and

What TWO gases are burned?

Oxygen and acetylene
What is fusion welding?
Fusion welding is used to create a permanent joint by the heating and melting of metals that
fuse together and on cooling and solidification become on piece of metal.


What type of joint is made with fusion welding?

A permanent joint

How do the metals to be joined fuse together?

The metals heat and melt together

What happens on solidification?

The metals cool and become one piece


Before picking up and using a set of Oxy-Acetylene welding equipment there are certain
facts concerning your own safety and the safety of others that you MUST know. There are
many hazards and dangers involved with this process; some may only cause slight injury,
whilst others may be fatal to yourself or others. It is, therefore, YOUR responsibility to ensure
that you KNOW and OBSERVE these precautions.


Failure to observe the recognised safety requirements can lead to injury to
yourself or others and or prosecution of those responsible for any accidents.

Many safety precautions that you will have to observe are a matter of common sense, as

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