Well Killing Facilities Market

Well Killing Facilities Market

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A well kill is a strategy that is sometimes used to close off an active well, making it easier to contain the flow of
product from the well and successfully cap it. While there are several strategies used to accomplish this goal, many
involve the use of what is known as kill mud or fluid to effectively block the surge of other substances from the well,
alleviating pressure and making it possible to move forward with successfully sealing the well bore. While a well kill
may be a deliberate attempt to close a well that is damaged or no longer needed, this term can also refer to an
accidental event that was not planned in advance. When the well kill is intentional, the process involves utilizing a
type of substance that is heavier than the substance that was being harvested using the active well. For example,
the use of kill mud may be ideal for containing the flow from an oil well. Since the mud is heavier, it can be injected
into the well itself, helping to slow and eventually create a block that prevents the underground oil from escaping
through the well bore and rising to the surface. Once the flow of oil is contained, the well can be sealed or capped,
effectively preventing oil to use the well channel to reach the surface.
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