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Everything About the Dark Ages
Medieval Weapons

What is best known about the Middle Ages, besides castles, is the weapons used during the time. Most of these were so good and unique that many stores even sell them today! - as a matter of fact, medieval weaponry is very well known throughout the world as they were continuously improved.

They were most commonly used from a distance. Their effectiveness increased dramatically as they were used from a higher altitude against lower targets as gravity would play an immense role in this.

Bows were divided into two categories (which later became three):

Regular Bows - Were the first to be used. They were very effective and they continued to be employed in medieval warfare as they were relatively light - and an skilled archer could fire up to 12 arrows per minute - which added to the effectiveness.

Long Bows - These first appeared in England, and later spread to the rest of Europe. They were very effective as they could easily penetrate a soldier's armor and more often than not, could also kill him in one shot.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, there was another discovery during the Dark Ages which changed drastically medieval warfare.

Crossbows - Crossbows were so effective that the church banned their use for a couple of years. Nevertheless, nobody listened and their use only widespread. A good crossbow could be easily fired at a moving target killing, if shot right, instantly.

Crossbows used, among other projectiles, quarrels which were extremely deadly. Afterwards, these were improved by adding venom or other deadly substances to guarantee death.

By far the most famous weaponry of the Middle Ages are the swords. They are often accompanied by the symbol of chivalry and knights.

Swords were divided into many categories, the two most important being:

Single-handed swords - These were usually very light and were...