Western Refining

Western Refining

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Western Refining Inc.

Known in the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker WNR, Western Refining has become one the largest independent oil refineries in the nation. With main focuses in the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic, Western Refining has expanded into the East Coast of the United States due to the acquisition of the another refining company by the name of “Giant” near the city of Yorktown, Virginia. Western Refining also has had of distributing to international cities Chihuahua, Mexico. While having office branches in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, there corporate headquarters is in El Paso, Texas. Western Refining is located on 123 West Mills Avenue and is where you will find Paul Foster, CEO of Western Refining and one of El Paso’s private investors in the public plan for redeveloping downtown. Thanks to Mr. Foster and Western Refining they have come up with the great idea of moving their headquarters downtown. This huge movement allows the old Mills Building, located on Oregon Street, and the Plaza Hotel, adjacent to it, to be restored. Giving new life to these abandoned buildings in downtown will allow El Paso’s image to grow as the best tourist spots on the border. All these renovations are made possible by the vast production of petroleum products at Western Refining. For over eighty years the refinery has been producing a large number of fuels, lubricants, and automotive chemicals. Although started in 1928 by Chevron/Texaco, Western Refining had grown enough to acquire the purchasing power and the opportunity to buy out Chevron/Texaco in 2003. Western Refining is a baby company of five years with their sixth year anniversary coming up in June. Before analyzing this company we can see that the company is growing at a stable speed this is determined by just looking around the city just by looking at the many donations given locally.

Organizational Structure

Petroleum refineries are marvels of modern engineering made...

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