WGU C204 Communication Portfolio

WGU C204 Communication Portfolio

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Communication Portfolio
Western Governors University

Table of Contents

B – Staff E-mail 3
C – Stakeholders E-mail 4
D – Blog 5
E – Business Partner Letter 6
F – Response to Customer 7
G – Communication Strategies Evaluation 8
H – Communication Modalities Evaluation 9

B – Staff E-mail
To: allstaff@work.com
Subject: Learn About Our New Product

Good morning, everyone,

Many of you have already heard about our recent purchase of EZ Weight Loss’ product Weight Loss Optimizer, so I wanted to take a moment to educate everyone more on the amazing opportunity that this product gives us.

We are really excited about the many advantages of this product and what it will give our customers. I want to point out two main advantages right now.
1. Weight Loss Optimizer has been proven successful through a research study and 90% of participants saw at least 15 pounds of weight loss!
2. Those participants that did see success, all have been able to maintain their weight loss and 80% have been able to keep the weight off with continued use.
These advantages do come with some potential disadvantages as well. Here are a couple that you are likely to run into.
1. The customer did not see any results in a reasonable amount of time from the use of Weight Loss Optimizer.
2. Customers complain that the weight is not coming off very quick.
These two scenarios are some that EZ Weight Loss encountered but we are preparing for this. We are making sure to give our customer base a realistic expectations for the product. We are not selling a magic pill and they need to know this. We will be providing training on how to handle such situations.

As mentioned, we are extremely excited for the launch for this product and hope you are too. If you have any questions please...

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